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We have an MSRP guarantee on all new products currently still being produced. No Scalped prices, no inflated costs, no more feeling like you were ripped off for what you paid! 

Why Bulbacards?





As a business, we understand we can not exist without our customers, and if we take care of the customer, they will take care of us.



We are 100% open with our customers, from how we ship to where we get our products. We also answer any questions from our customers within 24 hours.

About Us

BulbaCards is currently a growing company. We founded the company in December 2020. Even though we are small, we have big plans to bring top-notch customer support with MSRP pricing. As a business, we could easily decide to capitalize on the explosion of the Pokemon TCG and speed up our growth by selling at inflated costs. However, we are more interested in building relationships with our customers. We know if we take exceptional care of our customers, they will keep coming back. Here at BulbaCards, we are doing more than building a business; we are building a Pokemon Family!


Meet Elias

I am the founder of Bulbacard; I started Bulbacards in December 2020. Since then, I have completed hundreds of sales on TcgPlayer while maintaining a 100% approval rating. I started Bulbacards because I decided to get back into the Pokemon TCG but quickly realized it had become overrun with scalping and inflated pricing. I had many parents of younger students whom I teach Jiu-Jitsu convey to me how aggravating it had become to try and find Pokemon Cards for their kids. So I decided that if I could get set up with a distributor, I would start up a company that would guarantee MSRP pricing on products. Finally, six months later, I am finally able to fulfill that promise.

Southern Hobby

Southern Hobby Supply, Inc. was founded in 1991 with a straightforward goal: to become Their customers’ greatest asset by delivering top quality products, unmatched customer service, and the most knowledgeable sales staff in the hobby industry.

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